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Dave and Joanne have some very exciting news to share with you this morning!

Are you ready to RACE???

Saturday night June 13th The Outlaw Enduro Series will be back in action at Grandview Speedway!!

Pits open at 3pm

Grandstands open at 5pm

Racing starts at 6pm

Enduros, Vintage and 600 Mods

Sorry but there will be no practice sessions at this event for other divisions.

We appreciate Grandview Speedway for giving us the opportunity to resume racing.

So Social Distancing and Masks would be greatly appreciated. Those that are not feeling

well or might be uncomfortable being around others should stay home.

Dave and Joanne


Racing Scheduled for March 18, 2017 has been cancelled. First race will be Sunday April 9, 2017.
Transponders will be available to rent in 2017.
Hope Everyone is having a safe off season. The 2017 Racing Schedule is up.
Happy New Year to Everyone! The 2016 Racing Schedule is now up!
Attention!! Transponders will NOT be available for rent anymore.











There will not be Season Pit Passes this year. No license is needed for 2015.

All Trailers must have a Fire Extinguisher on/in them.

You NEED a transponder to race!!

Safe Receivers or Scanners are manditory for 2015!! Race Receivers will not work.

There will be no one riding on cars around the pits or infield. The person driving the car is the only one allowed in the car while moving.

All cars are subject to Tech. Tech gauges are official. Any grey areas in the rule book Officials have final say.

Stay in car. When your car breaks down or you are in an accident you can not get out of your car on the racetrack unless your car is on fire. Once car is in the infield you may get out of your car. If you get out of your car on the race track there is a $1,000.00 fine payable to Chuck Eckert. You will not be allowed to race until fine is paid.



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